What if dogs ruled the world? What if Garfield was real and he lived in the same house as Ratatouille? What if you replaced every horse in all stories you have ever heard with an avocado? What if you could create matter?

The beautiful thing about fiction is that it creates worlds that do not exist and allows you to travel them and live in their realities for a while. Fiction stories help you escape from the reality that is your life into another universe and if you are lucky, you get out of there with a lesson and a good laugh. The thing I most love about fiction though, is how it gives you power to empathize with humans whose experience you have never shared.

That is what I seek to do with this blog. I guess you can also call it a time travelling machine. Sometimes we travel into a city nearby yours. Sometimes into a world far away, but travel we must.

And because I keep evolving, as do my words, they have refused to be limited which has meant adding other aspects to this blog. As you will see, I created pages to accommodate the different types of literature, which was more convenient than starting different blogs for each. These other categories are:

  • Flashfiction -Stories of less than 100 words.
  • Experiences- Working out life through literature, catharsis if you will.
  • Poetry – Sometimes words, you know?
  • Book reviews
  • Guest posts

Fasten your seat belt, and let’s ride!! My name is Myra.

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