The Staff of Legends: A Too Early For Birds Review

From Daniel Sironei and Patrick (PD) Shaw to Wanugu, Wacucu, and Rasta, these names are whispered in the streets and only the elite are privy to the details. That is, of course, unless you read Owaah’s blog. Photo by @JapichaKE In the late 1980s and early 90s, my father, then a military guy, was busy … Continue reading The Staff of Legends: A Too Early For Birds Review



It is strange that when I hear the word outcast,  I remember Kamau, the boy who sat behind me in class three; the boy whose name might have as well been spelled thus because everything about him was. I remember how nothing could keep us from playing rounders; how nothing could tear us from bambrika (apparently it's … Continue reading Outcast


Yes, I have been lonely, In a crowded room, When faces were bright and smiling, I have felt the gloom, Of secrets, crushing on my heart.   Yes, I have been lonely, When texts, to and fro, Were exchanged from smart handsets, I have seen the harrow, Digging out sorrow, in messages.   Yes, I … Continue reading Lonely